Want your indie brand or online shop to go further? How bringing your online business, offline? Perhaps you want to reach out to more customers so that you can gain more profit?

Well, you have reached the right place because at HashtagLive Kuching, we have partnered the good people of The Bloom Bazaar Kuching to help you highlight your brand!

We will be providing you a premium selling spot for two days with a minimal rental fee imposed, and we will be going all out to promote the whole Bloom Bazaar as part of HashtagLive Kuching!  To make it even sweeter, we are anticipating over 10,000 visitors to the event, which is Borneo’s Biggest Social Media Festival! That’s 10,000 possible customers!

If you are interested to be part of the indie booth set-up at HashtagLive Kuching, kindly fill in the online form here.

Space is limited, and terms and conditions do apply.  Please note that indie booths are only open to businesses with no shops.  Shop owners can open a booth at #LiveKCH by applying for corporate booths here.

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