PitchIN.my is is a crowd funding platform for people who want to raise money to launch their creative and innovative projects such as HashtagLive.

PitchIN.my is a not about investment or lending. At PitchIN.my, ideas and projects are pitched to the public for funds. In exchange, those who support the idea (via pledges) will get rewards from project owners.

PitchIN.my is another way to raise money – it is all-or-nothing funding. A project must reach its funding goal within a stipulated time or no money changes hands.
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Funds collected via Pitchin.my will only go to the organizers of HashtagLive once the targeted funds are met or partial funds are able to be collected.

PitchIN.my is owned and operated by Watchtower and Friends Sdn Bhd, a legal company in Malaysia.  To learn more about PitchIN.my, visit www.pitchin.my