After months of planning, we are finally live and ready to initiate Sarawak’s very first crowd funding project for an event.

We are hopeful that this event would be a success, and that everyone of you reading this would make HashtagLive Kuching, the very first crowd-funded event in Sarawak, and perhaps Borneo!

The sum of RM80,000 we know is not cheap, but we assure you that every cent of the money collected would be used for the event. For your information, the venue itself would cost us a whopping RM14,000!

ANyway, shall you have any questions, just ask us on twitter, facebook or instagram. We’d be glad to help.

That said, happy pitching, and we hope you will help us make HashtagLive Kuching, the first crowd-funded event in Sarawak!

Make us Sarawak’s 1st crowd-funded event!