As the expected launch day of HashtagLive, and Hashtaglive Kuching comes nearer, we have set up dedicated social media sites for the event.

For now, you can follow us on the following social media sites for free!

Note that we are calling the event ‘HashtagLive’, but then our social media sides come as ‘theHashtagLive’.  This was intentional as there are people using the name ‘HashtagLive’ for their own purposes worldwide.  Despite that however, our checks reveal that none has used it for a community social media event, so this would be the first time in the world it is used as such.

The whole intention to put the word ‘the’ for our HashtagLive was to show that our ‘hashtaglive’ is the one event , and the best one =P (we certainly cross our fingers it will be!)

Irregardless however, we will continue to use the name ‘HastagLive’ for our event, so do not get confused as we will only use the name ‘thehashtaglive’ on our social media accounts for now, and do not have any plans to change it in the near future.

Social media sites are up and running!