Ever since the highly successful Tweet-up Kuching (#TwtUpKCH) in both 2011 and 2012, there has been plans by us in Sarawak Bloggers Society to organize another event which is as massive, and as awesome, if not better than what we had in #TwtUpKCH.

Well, we had to skip 2013 and 2014 because of some personal reasons, but 2015 is the year we return with something fresh and different for the people of Kuching, if not Malaysia, or the world.

Unlike #TwtUpKCH, this new event would not organized by Sarawak Bloggers Society, but rather it would be in partnership or supported by the society, and organized by a group of people known as ‘The Gang’. To know more about ‘The Gang’, go here because this post is not about them.

Nonetheless, a meeting was held in January to confirm the acceptance of this new event, and a temporary name, called ‘Catching Kuching’ was born.

In March 2015, with a lot of planning already in place, the name was changed to HashtagLive Kuching.

More details would be released soon, but until then, it’s time to make those hashtags live in Kuching!

The Birth of HashtagLive